Time For Some Tex-Mex

Mittens and I love exploring all parts of the world, but this time we felt like staying in our own playground and heading to Texas for some delicious Tex-Mex. The easiest way to describe Tex-Mex cuisine is that it’s a little Mexican and a little American. It takes two wonderful culinary backgrounds and makes them into one very delectable lovechild. This food variety doesn’t only exist in Texas… It’s popular in several southwestern states, and has certainly spread to the north as well. BUT, why not go to the home base of where it all began? Who doesn’t love a trip to Texas?

Tex-Mex is not for the faint of heart when it comes to cheese. So, if you’re lactose intolerant, well… Sorry. It’s also chock-full of meats, so… Vegetarians… get some tofu and do what you can. Beef and pork are the meaty front runners of Tex-Mex, although I personally love anything with chicken. And beef. And pork. I love meat. And food. I’m hungry. Where was I? AH! Yes. Tex-Mex recipes are full of spices and flavor. Cumin is one of the more popular and commonly used spices, as it should be because it’s awesome.

I had one of my favorite dishes in Austin, Texas. ENCHILADAS. I don’t know the secret recipe that yielded such delicious things, but I found a recipe that looks very good for you guys to try yourselves at home. I love Texas. Mittens says bye!


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