Bonjour from Paris!

After a much-needed nap from traveling and stuffing our faces, Mittens and I flew over to Paris to wander the streets in search of love…in food that is…and of course in Mittens..did I mention that I really love Mittens. Lets get back on topic. Since I splurged on what I thought was not that much money in our other destinations, I have to make sure to find some really good quality food at some cheap prices. What better way to chow down on some good food than a simple and classic French Croissant! In my opinion, it’s the best versatile food ever. You can have croissant sandwiches (breakfast and dinner), a croissant dessert (do I dare mention chocolate), and anything else your heart desires. You can pretty much take any food and slap it between a croissant and you will have created heavenly dreamy deliciousness. Anyway, we devoured this  decadent treat in a matter of seconds. Crumbs were all over the place, especially all over Mittens. I don’t think he really cared. The croissant was so warm, buttery and flaky. It paired up really nicely with the tart and sweet jam. The cup of cappuccino really finished up the meal and hit the spot…and Mittens’ gut to be exact. Although Mittens has become a bit of a food hog, he is still the best food and traveling companion ever! I always want him by my side. He makes the best selfie partner too by the way. Next, to the one and only Effiel Tower!

The Eiffel Tower Awaits!

Zzzzz…oh sorry, we just took a long nap. The sleep bug really hit Mittens though. I told him not to eat too many croissants and to lay off the jam. He never listens to me. When Mittens finally stopped his cute yawning, we strolled down to see the iconic tower of Paris- one of the romantic wonders of the world. It’s so amazing to be in such a grand place. We also ran into one of my best friends in the world, Shawn. He and his family are always taking trips to Paris. Also, he informed me that Mittens and I are going to be uncles again, because his wife is pregnant with twins! WOO-HOO! Check us out!



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