Savory Snack from Canada


My next stop was the great country of Canada. Despite Canada being our friendly neighbor up north, many Americans fail to pay them a visit. Don’t rob yourself an opportunity to see all the great sites that Canada has to offer. While your up here, be sure to try some incredible Canadian food. I highly recommend trying “Maple candy coated bacon.” Now what true red, white, and blue American doesn’t enjoy the crispy, savory goodness that is BACON. There are many ways to enjoy this tasty treat, but our friends in Canada have found one of the greatest ways to cook bacon. This picture does not do the taste any justice. Do yourself a favor and try “Maple candy coated bacon.”

Views from Niagara Falls


After eating what seemed like 15 pounds of bacon (no regrets), we knew we had to go see Niagara Falls, we were in Canada after all! The view we were able to get was simply breath taking. While soaking in this amazing site, we made a friendly Canadian comrade. His name is Blake and he is originally from Toronto Canada or as Blake likes to call it, “The 6.” Blake was a really nice guy and I’m planning on taking another trip to Canada soon, so Blake can show me around “The 6.”


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