Yummy Food from the Middle East!

With all of this traveling with Mittens, we have developed such large appetites. So what better way to settle our cravings then with Mediterranean food…like Falafel! We went all the way to the other side of the world- to Tel Aviv in Israel -to devour this handful of deliciousness. Mittens could not get enough. He’s gotten real lazy and real hungry lately. He’s become a bit of a fatty, but he’s still my Mittens. Any who, back to this dish of yummy awesomeness. This Falafel was out of this world! It’s super healthy by the way. For you out there that may not know much about this type of food, Falafel are mashed up chickpeas mixed with spices that have been deep-fried to perfection. These tasty crispy fritters pair up real nicely with the side dip Hummus. Many of you are also probably wondering, “what the heck is that?” Well, it’s a smooth dip, also made out of chickpeas, with spices and olive oil. I couldn’t really try much of it, since Mittens licked all of the Hummus off the plate! The last side to complete the dish is a simple salad of tomatoes, olives, peppers, pickles, and onions. This dish is perfect as a main dish or snack. It’s also a Vegetarian dish, so all of you vegetarians out there will fall in love with it!falafel-image

Check out this Video!

Mittens and I love Falafel so much, that we had to share how to make it. So, when you’re at home and have nothing to do, make and eat lots of Falafel! Remember, it’s not for sharing. Unless you’re with Mittens!

YouTube Video by Scoff. This video can also be found on videojug.com 

The Place to be is in Tel Avivtel-aviv_kanyew.jpg

After Mittens and I chowed down our Falafel. We headed over to a place called The Tayelet in Tel Aviv. It’s a boardwalk that is 5km long. It’s a great spot to walk, look at the beautiful sites and feel the ocean breeze. This boardwalk is also a great way to access the Tel Aviv beach. We stopped by the beach to get some fresh air, but Mittens hates water, so we sat on the sand and looked out to the beautiful blue water. Mittens didn’t mind feeling the breeze though. I guess the extra weight he’s put on doesn’t make him feel so chilly.


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