Cuisine from Thailand!

thai-food-imageCheck out the awesome dish I ate in Northern Thailand with mittens! It’s an appetizer dish known as Northern Thai (Lanna) Cuisine. Below, I BOLDED the flavors, ’cause there is so many of them to savor in just one dish!

Here it begins:

The top of the dish is nam phrik (a tomato and pork chili dip). This was Mittens favorite part of the dish. He could not stop eating it! He ate so much of this, that he needed lots of milk to wash it down. After that, he took a much needed nap! Anyway, to the left of that is kaeng hangle (Thai pork curry). In the center part of the dish is nam phrik num (green chilies that have been mashed and grilled with shallots and garlic). To top this appetizer all off, a small bowl of food at the bottom of the plate is kaep mu with sai ua and si khrong mu thot (deep-fried pork rinds with slices of grilled spicy pork sausage and deep-fried pork ribs). Of course, I loved every part of this dish because I am da bomb! This colorful dish was a whole lot of flavor for me and Mittens to handle, so we decided to walk the food coma off and see what sites Thailand had to offer.

Site Seeing in Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street


Once we’ve rested our bellies, Mittens and I headed out to the streets. Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street that is. Yes, this is a tourist attraction, but not just any tourist attraction. This market is the place to be to taste even more yummy goodies. Vendors sell tasty treats at really cheap prices, like $2 bucks cheap. You can taste anything from pad Thai, chicken satay, samosas, fried bananas, and freshly made on-the-spot fruit shakes. Once you’ve stuffed yourself with every sampling of food, you can browse around the stalls- tables set up with goodies, such as natural soaps, hand-dyed textiles with unique patterns of local hill tribes, incense oils, paintings, wall-hangings, musical instruments, and many many more. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for Mittens. This was the perfect excuse for him to pack on the belly weight. LOL. If you guys ever visit the sites in Northern Thailand, this is the market to go to. It is always busy throughout the week though, so don’t miss out on the many goodies that you can stuff in your mouth!


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