Välkommen! Let’s get Swedish

Mittens and I ventured off to Stockholm, Sweden for some sights and some meatballs. Swedish meatballs are the absolute best. The rich flavor of the gravy combined with some egg noodles and maybe a little sour cream is a little bit of heaven. This isn’t what you’re used to with spaghetti and sauce. Sweden takes meatballs to a whole new level. The balls themselves are usually a combination of pork and beef flavored with cardamom, nutmeg, and onion for an amazing burst of flavor! This dish is widely celebrated all over the world. Mittens and I are huge fans. We will continue to prepare this dish long after our trip.

Stockholm is beautiful because it incorporates new technology and historical tradition. It is the capital of Scandinavia. It is a very aesthetically pleasing city from its greenery to its clean water. Seriously thinking about moving there.


Time For Some Tex-Mex

Mittens and I love exploring all parts of the world, but this time we felt like staying in our own playground and heading to Texas for some delicious Tex-Mex. The easiest way to describe Tex-Mex cuisine is that it’s a little Mexican and a little American. It takes two wonderful culinary backgrounds and makes them into one very delectable lovechild. This food variety doesn’t only exist in Texas… It’s popular in several southwestern states, and has certainly spread to the north as well. BUT, why not go to the home base of where it all began? Who doesn’t love a trip to Texas?

Tex-Mex is not for the faint of heart when it comes to cheese. So, if you’re lactose intolerant, well… Sorry. It’s also chock-full of meats, so… Vegetarians… get some tofu and do what you can. Beef and pork are the meaty front runners of Tex-Mex, although I personally love anything with chicken. And beef. And pork. I love meat. And food. I’m hungry. Where was I? AH! Yes. Tex-Mex recipes are full of spices and flavor. Cumin is one of the more popular and commonly used spices, as it should be because it’s awesome.

I had one of my favorite dishes in Austin, Texas. ENCHILADAS. I don’t know the secret recipe that yielded such delicious things, but I found a recipe that looks very good for you guys to try yourselves at home. I love Texas. Mittens says bye!

Bonjour from Paris!

After a much-needed nap from traveling and stuffing our faces, Mittens and I flew over to Paris to wander the streets in search of love…in food that is…and of course in Mittens..did I mention that I really love Mittens. Lets get back on topic. Since I splurged on what I thought was not that much money in our other destinations, I have to make sure to find some really good quality food at some cheap prices. What better way to chow down on some good food than a simple and classic French Croissant! In my opinion, it’s the best versatile food ever. You can have croissant sandwiches (breakfast and dinner), a croissant dessert (do I dare mention chocolate), and anything else your heart desires. You can pretty much take any food and slap it between a croissant and you will have created heavenly dreamy deliciousness. Anyway, we devoured this  decadent treat in a matter of seconds. Crumbs were all over the place, especially all over Mittens. I don’t think he really cared. The croissant was so warm, buttery and flaky. It paired up really nicely with the tart and sweet jam. The cup of cappuccino really finished up the meal and hit the spot…and Mittens’ gut to be exact. Although Mittens has become a bit of a food hog, he is still the best food and traveling companion ever! I always want him by my side. He makes the best selfie partner too by the way. Next, to the one and only Effiel Tower!


The Eiffel Tower Awaits!

Zzzzz…oh sorry, we just took a long nap. The sleep bug really hit Mittens though. I told him not to eat too many croissants and to lay off the jam. He never listens to me. When Mittens finally stopped his cute yawning, we strolled down to see the iconic tower of Paris- one of the romantic wonders of the world. It’s so amazing to be in such a grand place. We also ran into one of my best friends in the world, Shawn. He and his family are always taking trips to Paris. Also, he informed me that Mittens and I are going to be uncles again, because his wife is pregnant with twins! WOO-HOO! Check us out!


Olá do Brasil


Today Mittens and I find ourselves at one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro. We had one of Brazil’s most famous dishes. If you like seafood, like Mittens and I do, then you will love Moqueca. Moqueca is a fish stew full with delicious vegetables and Brazilian herbs and spices. Now this dish is the definition of comfort food. Usually when someone thinks about soup they think of an appetizer or just something small you eat when you don’t feel well. Moqueca is not your ordinary soup. You can eat this dish as a dish all by itself and it will be filling and satisfying. The soup is very hardy and full of incredible flavors. Mittens loves fish so this was the perfect meal for him. I wasn’t able to finish all of my soup so Mittens gladly finished the rest of mine. Once we left the restaurant I had to carry Mittens to the hotel because he too full to walk. Whenever you find yourself in Rio de Janeiro make sure to stop by any local restaurant and order the Moqueca. I promise you won’t regret it.

Rio de Janeirokanyerio.jpg

Since we were in Rio de Janeiro we knew we had to visit the world famous statue, Christ the Redeemer. There are many movies, TV shows, and artwork that shows us the image of this iconic statue. Seeing it in person is a whole new experience. Unfortunately, I didn’t look too thrilled in this picture because I packed the wrong clothes for this trip. I was prepared for a cold day, but if you didn’t already know there really isn’t any cold days in Brazil so I was a bit uncomfortable. Mittens, on the other hand, is always comfortable by my side!

Savory Snack from Canada


My next stop was the great country of Canada. Despite Canada being our friendly neighbor up north, many Americans fail to pay them a visit. Don’t rob yourself an opportunity to see all the great sites that Canada has to offer. While your up here, be sure to try some incredible Canadian food. I highly recommend trying “Maple candy coated bacon.” Now what true red, white, and blue American doesn’t enjoy the crispy, savory goodness that is BACON. There are many ways to enjoy this tasty treat, but our friends in Canada have found one of the greatest ways to cook bacon. This picture does not do the taste any justice. Do yourself a favor and try “Maple candy coated bacon.”

Views from Niagara Falls


After eating what seemed like 15 pounds of bacon (no regrets), we knew we had to go see Niagara Falls, we were in Canada after all! The view we were able to get was simply breath taking. While soaking in this amazing site, we made a friendly Canadian comrade. His name is Blake and he is originally from Toronto Canada or as Blake likes to call it, “The 6.” Blake was a really nice guy and I’m planning on taking another trip to Canada soon, so Blake can show me around “The 6.”

Yummy Food from the Middle East!

With all of this traveling with Mittens, we have developed such large appetites. So what better way to settle our cravings then with Mediterranean food…like Falafel! We went all the way to the other side of the world- to Tel Aviv in Israel -to devour this handful of deliciousness. Mittens could not get enough. He’s gotten real lazy and real hungry lately. He’s become a bit of a fatty, but he’s still my Mittens. Any who, back to this dish of yummy awesomeness. This Falafel was out of this world! It’s super healthy by the way. For you out there that may not know much about this type of food, Falafel are mashed up chickpeas mixed with spices that have been deep-fried to perfection. These tasty crispy fritters pair up real nicely with the side dip Hummus. Many of you are also probably wondering, “what the heck is that?” Well, it’s a smooth dip, also made out of chickpeas, with spices and olive oil. I couldn’t really try much of it, since Mittens licked all of the Hummus off the plate! The last side to complete the dish is a simple salad of tomatoes, olives, peppers, pickles, and onions. This dish is perfect as a main dish or snack. It’s also a Vegetarian dish, so all of you vegetarians out there will fall in love with it!falafel-image

Check out this Video!

Mittens and I love Falafel so much, that we had to share how to make it. So, when you’re at home and have nothing to do, make and eat lots of Falafel! Remember, it’s not for sharing. Unless you’re with Mittens!

YouTube Video by Scoff. This video can also be found on videojug.com 

The Place to be is in Tel Avivtel-aviv_kanyew.jpg

After Mittens and I chowed down our Falafel. We headed over to a place called The Tayelet in Tel Aviv. It’s a boardwalk that is 5km long. It’s a great spot to walk, look at the beautiful sites and feel the ocean breeze. This boardwalk is also a great way to access the Tel Aviv beach. We stopped by the beach to get some fresh air, but Mittens hates water, so we sat on the sand and looked out to the beautiful blue water. Mittens didn’t mind feeling the breeze though. I guess the extra weight he’s put on doesn’t make him feel so chilly.

Cuisine from Thailand!

thai-food-imageCheck out the awesome dish I ate in Northern Thailand with mittens! It’s an appetizer dish known as Northern Thai (Lanna) Cuisine. Below, I BOLDED the flavors, ’cause there is so many of them to savor in just one dish!

Here it begins:

The top of the dish is nam phrik (a tomato and pork chili dip). This was Mittens favorite part of the dish. He could not stop eating it! He ate so much of this, that he needed lots of milk to wash it down. After that, he took a much needed nap! Anyway, to the left of that is kaeng hangle (Thai pork curry). In the center part of the dish is nam phrik num (green chilies that have been mashed and grilled with shallots and garlic). To top this appetizer all off, a small bowl of food at the bottom of the plate is kaep mu with sai ua and si khrong mu thot (deep-fried pork rinds with slices of grilled spicy pork sausage and deep-fried pork ribs). Of course, I loved every part of this dish because I am da bomb! This colorful dish was a whole lot of flavor for me and Mittens to handle, so we decided to walk the food coma off and see what sites Thailand had to offer.

Site Seeing in Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street


Once we’ve rested our bellies, Mittens and I headed out to the streets. Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street that is. Yes, this is a tourist attraction, but not just any tourist attraction. This market is the place to be to taste even more yummy goodies. Vendors sell tasty treats at really cheap prices, like $2 bucks cheap. You can taste anything from pad Thai, chicken satay, samosas, fried bananas, and freshly made on-the-spot fruit shakes. Once you’ve stuffed yourself with every sampling of food, you can browse around the stalls- tables set up with goodies, such as natural soaps, hand-dyed textiles with unique patterns of local hill tribes, incense oils, paintings, wall-hangings, musical instruments, and many many more. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for Mittens. This was the perfect excuse for him to pack on the belly weight. LOL. If you guys ever visit the sites in Northern Thailand, this is the market to go to. It is always busy throughout the week though, so don’t miss out on the many goodies that you can stuff in your mouth!